Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nice Summer Classic Car Show

With summer coming to an end, so too does the car show season.  It has been a disappointing year for me.  I didn't make it to nearly enough of the big shows.  Even attending the local, weekly meets was severely lacking.  Part of the problem has been that my Trans Am has been parked in the garage most of the year.  I'm still sorting through issues with last years engine build.  That's a long story for another time.

Thanks to my wife, I was informed of a local show today.  It was held at Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church a few miles from the house.  The show was open to cars pre-1975, but there were a couple mid-1980s trucks in the back.  It was a beautiful day with plenty of sun and shade.  It started off interesting enough just trying to park.  One of the boy scouts directed me to part of the lot.  Then a man comes running over to help out.  He asked, "Are you here to show this thing?"  Referring to my 4Runner.  LOL  I say no and he tells me there are open spots at the end of the lot.  I got out with camera in hand.

There wasn't a massive turnout of cars, but most of them I haven't seen at any of the local shows.  That put a large smile on my face.  I had ran into one of my friends and chatted a bit.  I was drooling and snapping pictures when I heard this guy say, "Hey that's nice."  I say yeah and continue to walk by him.  He tells me to wait because he wants to look at my leg.  Did I forget to mention that I have a hot rod themed tattoo on my left leg?!?  He looked and said that it was awesome.  I thanked him and moved on to the next car.

Now onto the photos.  You can click on them to get a larger view.

 Early 50s Ford coupe

 30s Dodge with a cool ram hood ornament and ghost flames.

 Mid 60s GTO

 1953 Chevy coupe.  You can see the reflection of the GTO on the rusty bumper.

 1930s Ford street rod

 Early 60s Chevy pick up.  Look at it's reflection in the chrome headlight.

 60s Oldsmobile 442.  Check out the Pug going on the tire.

 1950 Chevy custom coupe with pearl green and white paint.  I love the futuristic jet hood ornament and grenade shifter.

 1930s Packard with flying lady hood ornament.

 1963 Chevy II

 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint

 Late 60s early 70s custom Chevy trucks.  Look at the massive meats on the back.

 67 Chevelle.  Look at the reflection of the truck in the smooth black paint.

 1957 Mercury

 1962 Chevy Impallas

 30s Ford hot rod

 Sweet blue Chevelle

 Dodge A100 truck

 Challengers and Cudas
 Neat pistol grip, 4-speed shifter

1st gen Camaros and a 2nd gen Firebird

 1930s Fiat gasser.  That is one small steering wheel.

 Chevy street rod with a swan hood ornament.

 You have to see this car in person to see how pink it really is.

 Nice original looking 20s Ford pick-up

 Bad ass 57 Chevy

 Mid 50s Chevy and Ford
 Cool louvered hood
 Louvered air cleaner to mimic the hood

Very nice hot rod

Rat rod truck.  Look carefully at the rear window.

 Goose, duck or swan hood ornament?  You decide.


  1. Mike, looks like you went to a good one! Love that Fiat Gasser! I went to the Edgar Rohr car show in Manassas that same day http://studem15a-20.blogspot.com/2012/09/edgar-rohr-memorial-car-show-in.html I entered my truck but didn't win anything. They lumped me into all trucks and even with a El Camino...

  2. Vintage cars just seem to have a magnetic charisma! How can we not adore the classic ride, when they have so much to tell? They are enticing enough because of the pride and sophistication one feels when he/she is driving such a beauty.

    Naomi Champy

  3. Wow! Would you look at those vintage autos? It looks like they came out from an old movie scene. And Naomi was right. These cars had a lot of stories to tell. Just by looking at them, you will have an idea about the kind of life people had. You are not just looking at a mere vehicle, but on a piece of history.

    [Sebastian Gaydos]

  4. Thanks for the good reviews. Makes all the work of putting a post together worth it.

  5. Wow! Those cars show how rich automobile history is! :D There is distinction and variety in every generation, and you can see how each car has influenced its successors somehow in terms of style. I’m really hooked with cars from the sixties – small cars with big engines. A great combination! :D

    -->Erwin Calverley

  6. That's a wicked cool Chevy white truck! I can imagine Snoop Dogg driving it waving to all his peeps! hahahaha. Speaking of which, did you know that Snoop Dogg switched his name to Snoop Lion? Awesome, right?

    Sara Anthony

  7. very cool classic cars..are their are still in now a days?

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