Sunday, May 22, 2011

Solo Adventure

Mike reporting back from the drying out northern VA area.  Well, it was sort of an adventure.  After getting some work done on the T/A and some yard work done, Saturday, I was going to reward myself with a trip to the local Burger King car cruise and a shopping trip to Pep Boys.

I had slaved away during the day making a slow cooker full of fall off the bone apricot ribs with some Bush's baked beans and throw in the oven rolls.  That was some stressful cooking.  hahaha   After getting cleaned up, I chowed down on the grub with an ice cold Corona.

I had grabbed the keys, camera, some cash, my shopping list and headed out in a very dirty Cadillac.  It's all good.  I parked it near the BK with all the commoners.  The selection of classic cars wasn't great because I showed up a little late.  There were a lot of newer Corvettes and Camaros, a CTS-V like mine but red, a new CTS-V coupe and a hodge-podge of classics.  Here are some of the pictures from the show.

Pontiac representing nicely.  1964 GTO, 1962 Catalina Safari, in the background you can see a 3rd gen Firebird, G8

These showed up on one of my trips back to the car to leave.  This is for Sherry, our tattoo artist.

I would love to build a rat rod Bug like this.

Other pix from the show.

Notice the lady mannequin passenger.

If you look where the trunk is open, you can see a tatted guy with a Pug.

Walmart must have closed early.  At least she has an airbag with Elmo up front if the leash snaps.

After this, I left the show before it got any weirder.  I successfully avoided some of the guys from another car meet.  One was Ryan's BFF with a twin GTO to his.  I was in disguise (sunglasses and hair was a mess).  Off to Pep Boys I go looking to spend some money.  I get there at 8:30pm and notice no other cars in the lot.  As I get out two others pull up.  I find the door locked.  Who closes at 8:30 on a Saturday night?!?!  At least I wasn't in a hurry for a part or I would have been pissed.  Something must be telling me not to shop there.  This was the second time I tried to go and got derailed.  I tried earlier in the week, but a massive rain storm had me abort and head home.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Fast Food and Fast Cars.