Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Space Saver Workbench

Well, it's been over a month since we started this blog with no new posts.  Shame on us.  Life is always getting in the of way fun.  This post is only about me this time.  Sorry, Ryan.  You'll be in the next one.

Those of us with garages always come across the issue of running out of space.  I wanted a workbench in my garage, but didn't have enough room to fit it along with the V and the T/A in there.  So I came up with the idea of building a folding workbench.  I had all the leftover lumber in there from past projects.  So, I got my sketchbook, pencil and tape measure and went to work.  When build time came, I changed the location in the garage to accommodate the fact that the T/A would be in the way when I start the major engine work.

A trip to Home Depot to pick up the hardware was all that was needed.  No better way to "butch-up" for a project than a trip to the home improvement store with the SUV.  I started by gluing the table top pieces together to make it strong.  Once dry, then the fun began.  POWER TOOLS!!!!  YES!!!!!!   A few cuts, and drilled holes later and the bench could have been mounted to the wall, but I had some black stain I wanted to use on it.  I got to have a cool black bench to go along with the cool black cars in the garage.  I got one coat on with no problems.  I went for the second coat and that's when things got interesting.  The can slipped out of my hand and landed bottom down on the floor.  No big deal, you think?!?!  Well, the stain that was left erupted out of the can.  I got a splatter on my chin and the rest went on the floor.  Here's the aftermath.

After a little clean up to make sure my chin didn't turn gray, I finished the 2nd coat.  That dried and I mounted it to the wall.  Here is the finished project.

Folded down against the wall.

Here it is in working order.  I used 2" joist hangars to hold the legs in place.  Check out the sweet vice Suzanne bought me for Christmas.  The best part is I can store the legs behind the bench, between the studs.  The main stud (me) was taking the pictures.

Total cost $35 for the hardware.  To keep with the food and car theme of this blog, I took a break for lunch as the stain was drying.  : - p