Thursday, January 13, 2011

How did Fast Food and Fast Cars start?

Someone had to create the blog, of course.  Here is a little history about how Ryan and I met.  I have my 79 T/A and was part of a small club that met in MD a few times.  It was too far to drive and no one seemed interested.  I really wanted to be part of a club.  I decided that I'd start a Pontiac club through work.  The first attempt didn't take off.  Then a bunch of new people started that had Pontiacs.  Ryan was one of them.  We met up and went to local car cruises during the summer.  One of the places was Burger King in Manassas.  The other was Chik-fil-A in Sterling.  It actually took a while before Ryan made an appearance at one.  I think he got the nickname "No-Show Ryan" for a bit.  Fall came and the cruisers put their toys to bed for the winter.  What a shame?!?

To get through the cold weather, we decided we were going to go out after work one day for nachos.  He teased me with the thought of them days earlier.  The first place we went to was Hard Times Cafe in Centreville.  The nachos were ok.  They used cheese sauce instead of real cheese.  The waiter seemed a strange.  We couldn't put our finger on it, but I think he liked Ryan.  :-p  After that 1st time, we started calling them our "nacho dates."  Next time was a couple weeks later.  Ryan had come out to see my wife's band, Backseat Betties, at Buffalo Wings and Beer in Leesburg.  I'm not sure if this counts because Ryan had a little too much to drink and probably doesn't remember much.  The nachos were pretty good.  I played big brother and made sure he got home safely.  Next, we went to Dogfish Head Alehouse in Chantilly.  The nachos there were awesome.  They have really good beer too.

A week or so ago I was telling someone about what we had been doing.  Then I had the bright idea that we should start the blog about it.  Ryan thought it was a really cool idea as well.  And here we are.  Fast Food and Fast Cars is official.  Stay tuned for our next adventures.