Monday, June 11, 2012

Food, Cars and Music

I have reinvented the blog just a little.  It's going to be mostly solo adventure with, maybe, some special guests.

On June 9, my wife and I went on a joint adventure.  This had something both of us were interested in.  I had the car show portion and we had a couple local bands to watch.  She is a musician and this is one of the few times I get her out to a show.  Unfortunately, I didn't have either car in the show.  The 4Runner was freshly washed in the morning, but wasn't pimped out like the SUVs we saw there.  The excitement started before we got there because I turned too early and then had to divert around a car accident getting to the venue.

This was the 2nd Annual Friends of Wounded Veterans Car and Motorcycle Show (  It was held at Velocity 5, in Centreville, VA.  A great event for a an even greater cause.  It was a beautiful day, but the temps were in the upper 80s.  Two great bands played after the show's award ceremony, Kat Atomic ( and Guilty Pleasure (

We started off walking the parking lot while melting in the heat and reflections of chrome.  We started listening to Kat Atomic, but had to make our way inside for some grub and COLD drinks.  The heat had started taking it's toll.  We started with some good margaritas to cool down quickly.  I had steak quesadillas and she had an order of wings, both were well deserved and delicious.  Enough of all this talking and background stuff.  Lets get to the pictures of the rides that I liked.

Have to start off with the Pontiac representation.

This was a C5 Corvette that was rebodied.  The front in a 1957 Chevy look and the rear in a 1959 Impala.  It looked weird and cool.
Speaking of Corvettes, we happened to see this "model" posing with one while walking around.  The only thing that made her a model was the lack of clothing because her face wasn't that pretty.  Sorry, I don't want your sweaty ass on my car.

Cool trucks

BAD ASS motorcycle.  Totally up my alley.
Suzanne's favs...
Cool shots and other sweet rides.
55-56 Nomad

 Nice looking DeLorean

Pair of nice Ford GTs

Cool hood mural on a Camaro

Stay tuned for more automotive coverage.